People really really wanted our shoes. Someone (no names mentioned) asked me for a pair of the Lovikka All Star over twitter, and I was able to hook him up.

This is the conversation we had on twitter:
Him – any chance in he’ll you guys have an 11(us) in your converse

Me – hello. Cons has promised an extra delivery – however, they has not arrived yet. When we get them I will hold them for you
Him – That’s supposed to be ”hell”. Silly iPhone.
Him – You are the best. Today I will wear only SNS in your honor! XO
Me – i need pics to prove it
Him – Check you email
And this is what I found in my inbox

So we wanted to make it an ad in the upcoming Rodeo magazine. But they refused the ad… ”too naked”. Hillarious! We will now try to place it in Vice – if they don’t take it – I don’t know…