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I want to write more here. I really do. But time… there is just not enough of it. I was in Las Vegas and New York last week with Johan and Peter. Had a really good time, and of course there is a report on that trip on it’s way. Maybe even tomorrow..

But I have something to tell you all first. When I was on my way to work today, a red engine light popped up on my dashboard. Not sure why, but I do know that when it’s red – it’s bad. So I figured I’d take it straight to Bilia to try to get it fixed. And in the waiting room at Bilia, they were showing morning TV and today’s headline was (in case you missed it) the Swedish Royal newborn babygirl. I already knew they had a baby, but TV was showing clips from the press conference. And that leads me up to my point. I have a birthday coming up, and I know a lot of you want to know what I want for my birthday.

Well, besides from the usual peace on earth request, I really want a guitar. No, I can’t play the guitar. Or as Pippi Longstocking said: I don’t know if I can play, but it would sure make it easier to find out if I had one. This birthday means I only have about 30 something more professional years ahead of me, and only about 40 something more years to live. So I feel that I have to do learn this now before it’s to late.

To make my birthday wish more serious and vivid, I will enclose a few guitar related video clips.

Ok, I have to squeeze this in between my Berlin Bread&Butter story. But please stay tuned for Day 2 of that story shortly.

When D’angelo did that, now legendary, show at Cirkus the summer of 2000 – backed up by the Soultronics, with ?estlove on drums and all that…. I missed out. Why? To me D’angelo was that smooth and soft soul/rnb dude. He was very good, and I had bought both his records (yes kids, before MP3 they actually made records that you had to buy) Brown Sugar and Voodoo. And I also picked up that Angie Stone record. But, again – he was kind of a softy to me and I was not that keen on the idea of looking at a naked dude moving in slow motion for two hours on stage.

You live and learn I guess… I now know that Album D’angelo is nothing like live D’angelo. Ok, he is something like that, but still way, way more funky.

And as I never was at Cirkus (listen to that legendary show) I will not try to compare that to what went down on in Filadelfiakyrkan on the 26th of January. I had very low expectations on this show. My first guess was that he would cancel last minute. You know, on the way out of the country they discover that he cannot leave since he was arrested for something at some point. Or something like that. My second guess was that he would be like Alexander O’neal in Stockholm, who fell a sleep on a chair on stage leaving the audience listening to his albums from a CD, as it was playback anyways. To give Alexander O’neal some credit, I went to his show in Malmö and that was great. And I think the audience in Malmö wouldn’t even had noticed if he fell asleep there. In Malmö, Alexander O’neal is bigger than Tomas Ledin (national hero) – and everyone knows his songs.

But D’angelo did none of the above. He came out, after 11 years of not doing music – and BOOM! Rocked the house. Or church if you will. I had seats in the nosebleed section (but I was lucky to have seats at all). And walking in to the venue was like some sort of highschool reunion. Everyone I have known or known of since the 90’s was there. Or the other way around. Everyone that was there was someone I have known or known of since the 90’s. The show was supposed to start 19.30, but of course our kids didn’t want to go to bed, so me and Katty were late. But once we were there (around 20.00) we were met by concert arranger Harry Burns who was a bit stressed out and yelling ”two more minutes and we are closing the doors, so get to your fucking seats if you have tickets”.

Once in our seats, we had to wait for another 30 minutes. But I heard he was 2 hours late at Cirkus so… In any case, it was all beyond worth it. Turns out worldpress was there. Jill Scott and her husband had flew in just for the world premier of D’angelo’s comeback. And the Lauren Hill show two days earlier at that same venue was a total flop. So no wonder Harry was stressed out.

But wow. He came out and did his thing. And more. I know this is going out on a limb, but I would say he was James Brown, Al Green and Prince all rolled into one. And perhaps it was my low expectations – but I was blown away!

So, for the next generation (I am talking to you now J Bawls) – do not miss out next time D’angelo is in town. Trust me. Or ask anybody I’ve known since the 90’s.

My brother called me just before christmas. And he was all like ”dude, this D’angelo guy is really good”… To those of you who knows me, and who knows that me and my brother are not really into music in the same way, this is funny. Apparently he had heard Timbuktu playing D’angelo’s Chicken Grease on the radio and he was blown away.

Only a few weeks away now – the return of D’angelo – live @ Filadelfiakyrkan, Stockholm. Guessing it will not be as good as this one, but just to get a few hopes up:

D’angelo @Soultronics – Live @ Cirkus, Stockholm 8th of July 2000

We started back in 1999. We were online 1999. We have been shipping orders worldwide since 1999. We still get questions like: ”are you guys legit?”

Now, if I had my doubts about someone or something being legit or not, I would not ask them. If they are not legit they would probably answer that they are legit anyway. But, for the record. We are legit. We are even 2 legit 2 quit

Vem gjorde den här låten till sin egen?

Ok, vilken 90-tals tryckardänga tog sina toner från denna låt?

Jag är lite skrämd över det faktum att kidsen som växer upp i dag inte kommer ha en aning om vad skivomslag och konvolut är för något. På min tid så var ju det ett av de bästa sätten att upptäcka ny musik.

Så, i linje med det så tänkte jag lite sporadiskt damma av lite gamla klassiker, så får ni helt enkelt tala om för mig vem som har samplat det, eller gjort något av det överhuvudtaget.

Först ut: Heather med Billy Cobham

att jämföras med robyn själv

Ok peoples! Det är tisdag – ni vet vad som gäller. Se till att göra någon annan glad i dag. Det smittar, jag lovar!

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