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So… that was a rather long break from blogging. I like how my last post was pt. 1. For any of you that just have been patiently waiting – I salute you. Those of you that never even noticed my absence – I salute you too. But… since I had the privilege to hang out with David C Wilson last weekend where he actually asked me why I haven’t updated my blog in forever, I figure I should step this up a bit. I mean, between David C Wilson and Danielle Krasse I now know I have two readers of this poor excuse of a blog.

And since the main reason for my blog absence is that I have been super duper busy lately – that means I have plenty of storytelling to share with you. Let’s start by doing this pt. 2 back track thingy.

For this New York trip I would like to thank Reebok for hooking us up with NHL tickets. And adidas for the NBA tickets. Also shout out (yes, very hiphop) to Mike Packer for also hooking us up with tickets.

If you for any reason feel that this report from our trip to Las Vegas and New York in febuary feels a bit late… you should follow me on Instagram – @sneakererik.

One day, I will have the ego big enough to have a 2 hour film made about every trip we go on. But for now you will have to settle for this nice feature made by Johan – @johnnyballe – those of you who are into twitter need to follow him asap. Other sneakersnstuff peoples on this trip that you can also follow on twitter was my buddy and co-founder Peter – @peter_sns, our women’s clothes buyer and store manager Charlotte – @iamcharls and me Erik – @sneakererik.

Sneakersnstuff in Berlin from Sneakersnstuff on Vimeo.

Besides from the adidas Jeremy Scott line there is not that much footage of products in there. We will try to get more cheeky in that area next time around.

As I am falling a bit behind schedule on my posts from Berlin, I wanted to make Day 2 as one post only. But looking at the pictures, and thinking back on all the fun moments on Day 2 – I have to split it up. So, welcome to the 19th of January.

It is Thursday today. Last night we went to the Vans OTW party (among other things) but did not go crazy, so we are feeling pretty good. Weather is more like expected as well. That sunlight yesterday threw me off. Last summers adidas Consortium breakfast offered weird sausages and other strange things, so in the spirit of better safe than sorry, we (well, some of us) enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel.
It is amazing how many run down buildings that would make really nice apartments that is just laying about in Berlin. The adidas Consortium Breakfast was in one of those buildings. And this year they certainly stepped up their breakfast. And since I already had breakfast at the hotel I just went for Chocolate cake. As usual, this was no health trip. As for the actual products – it looked good. Remember the adidas Consortium Tabula Rasa project with the all white styles that dropped in November? It is now time to fill those white canvases. And no, I am not talking about adicolor. The drops are scheduled for May and June.

So – on to Seek. They had moved. Just 100 meters, but still… This tradeshow was one step up from Bread&Butter. Actually it was a few steps up. But, most brands in there all looked the same. And speaking of Same (what’s up Gothenburg) Denim Demon had their booth at Seek. Of course we stopped by and had some dried reindeer hart, and a snaps. Some of the Denim Demon spring collection just got delivered, and the fall 2012 collection looked really good. New labeling and stuff as well. Labeling and hang tags are very important – in a time of ”everything-looks-the-same” details like that will make the difference (do you hear me Aaron). And speaking of everything-looks-the-same… I circled around the two floors of Seek. And I am sure there were good brands there. But they all sort of looked the same. And no brand gave me a reason to even enter their booth.

The lack of excitement was obvious. So, we decided to go for lunch with Josefin and Otto from adidas in Mitte instead. We had a secret project to talk about, so it was business and pleasure mixed together as usual. Quick pitstop back at the hotel, and then a sit down with Supra. Yes, I know you know I am not a skate dude. But last summers BBB, Supra was about the only brand that inspired me. So, I was happy to be back up there to talk about the fruit of that inspiration. Besides, they had a really good dessert. Supra crew were as nice as always, and we had more secret-project-talks, so all was good. After Supra we walked back to the hotel. We had the impossible task of being at two dinners at the same time ahead of us. And of course that evening got a bit out of hand… Stay tuned for Day 2 Pt. 2 soon.

So, Day 1 – Pt 2 will take us from Berlin Mitte to the Bread&Butter tradeshow. I think they have about 9 hallways. And you enter in the middle, and that is where you will find adidas originals. So far so good. But sometimes adidas feels a bit all over the place. To me it does not make sense to be showing classic retro styles like Superstar, Pro Shell and such in a plastic futuristic environment. But that’s just me I guess. But if any of you decision makers at adidas read this – next year, you can do what you do at Bread&Butter, but also show the more classic styles in a low key booth at Capsule or something. Just saying..

Anyways, as we had seen most of the adidas fall 2012 we did not really have much to do there. But it was nice to run in to Rachel and Josefin (what’s up girls!) and also glad, but a bit surprised to run into Ben Preuss in the adidas booth. He have moved on to Holden, and their stuff with Stussy looks really good. Don’t be suprised if you will find that at sneakersnstuff later on this year.

Besides that we had someone to hunt down the new Adi’s Archive line for Fall 2012 as they didn’t have any samples in the Sweden Showroom. Don’t think I’m allowed to show them yet, but adidas Milano and adidas Oregon looked really good. After that, the heat in the adidas booth was just too much so we had to leave. And I am talking about that ordinary heat. Not that american hiphop-lingo heat as in really nice stuff. Btw – Jeremy Scott is still crazy, but not as crazy as the price of some of those adidas originals x Jeremy Scott stuff they showed.

And after walking through 3 gigantic hallways filled to the roof with crap like Uggz, Crocs, Roland, Smiley and whatnot, we finally end up in the far end hallway. That one is better. I would say they have limit in that hallway to only about 40% crap. Here we said hello to New Balance who showed us some heat – as in the American hiphop-lingo meaning of the word. Nothing out of the ordinary, but made in UK 576 or made in USA 998 is really good. Not sure if I’m allowed to show you these pics either… but as you probably can find them online already I think I might just go ahead anyway.

After New Balance we strolled around the crap section and stopped by in some of the nicer brands booths. Finally ending up in the WeSC booth. Nice people in there as usual, but I was really looking for Greger. It is something of a routine to get him to promise you something that someone else can not deliver. And I also really wanted to tell him that I will always say wäsk, and not Vi S C. But I had a chance to tell him that in Day 2.

Puma served alcohol, so me and Charlie had a (and this a is very important here) sex on the beach. After that, some of the crap brands started to look way better. Quick stop for a 20 euro sibylla burger lunch and then say hi to Vans where we also hustled up some tickets to that evening’s party. Then walk through 3-4 more hallways with crap to end up in the far end of the old airport. As we were running out of time we only stopped by the Carhartt booth real quick to say hi to Johan. Carhartt showed some really nice stuff as well.

Wow – I just realized that this is far more text than even I bare to read…. sorry about that. I wanna say it won’t happen again, but I tend to do alot of rambling lately. So it will probably happen again. But I will leave you with this for now, and deliver Day 1 – Pt 3 tomorrow.





As you may or may not have read on Sneaker Freaker Germany, Adidas will bring back the adidas Munchen this year. In a big way! Not only will you be able to line up for these Made in Germany Adidas Munchen when they are released through adidas consortium in very limited numbers in February.

As the Adidas Consortium Tabula Rasa Pack – these Made in Germany Adidas Munchen will be produced in only 500 pairs. And they will be made in the old adidas factory in Scheinfeld where me, Peter, Johan and Charlotte all went to visit last summer. And Otto and the crew went all out this time, even bringing back an 1 to 1 version of the original Adidas Munchen box.

Final release date is not yet decided, but keep your eyes open in february. Price is set to 229 euros/2299 sek (or 183 euros if you are ordering them from outside of the EU).

We went to see Adidas for fall 2012 today. As I had written the 11th instead of the 16th in the calendar I was happy to see that Putte and Kalle could see us at all. As usual we are not allowed to show you guys to many product pictures yet, but they did give me clearance to show you this. Just a few sneak peaks of Fall 2012. Among some of the highlights are adidas Superstar 80’s, adidas Campus 80’s, and the adidas Pro Shell. Also, the adidas clothes looks very good for fall 2012.

If you suddenly feel that itch for getting new adidas originals, you could either check out all our adidas on sale – or just browse through all the adidas originals that we have in stock right now.

Vi var ju  i Tyskland hos adidas för någon vecka sen. Det var roligt värre. Lite intensivt bara kanske. Tänkte försöka sammanfatta läget lite med bilder nedan.
Räkmacka på Arlanda, extra tomat. Klockan är ca 05.30… Ändå bra humör tycker jag.
JB spexar till det lite mer på planet
Klassisk röka-upp-pappersrosen-i-sömnen-smyg-bild
Johan hade nya Play skjortan på sig. Finns på TBS om ni vill ha
 JB spelar Yatzy på vägen. Fattar ni hur roligt vi har det?
Fattar inte att jag missade att ta en bild på den första tekoppen. Här är i alla fall den andra
 Man vet att man är i Tyskland när man kan ta en skitdålig smygbild på mustascher
 Ett flygbyte och en racertaxi senare så var vi framme i ett regnigt Herzo. 
 Är man chef så får man ha sin bil under tak på parkeringen. Annars… not so much
Här är en random bild inne från nya adidas kontoret ”laces”
På något sätt om man står på rätt ställe så ska alla dom här broarna se ut som skosnören typ… 
Ändå glad att vara framme
Meeting Abo!
Jossan mötte upp och briefade om middagsupplägget
Brand Archive. Dock inte ditflyttat ännu…
Vi (som i Kalle eftersom de inte tar pengar på fiket) köpte en Dilla donut till JB
 Schärfning. Bra fnissmin på mig själv måste jag ändå få säga
Gäller även i tyskland
Brand Center
”Tappa inte huvudet nu”
Skulle man kunna få den där ölen nu? Ska också inflikas att Peter gjorde lite hemmaexpriment med slattarna. Gick sådär..
 Bra skylt, dålig bild
 Svårt att få till tydligen
 Fortfarande inte helt nöjd.
 Så, that’s a keeper. Det var en jävla trafikskylt som reflekterade allt. 
 Gregor Samsa. Frågor?
 Tydligen ett jävligt ungt ställe vi skulle käka middag på
Synd att jag mest var sugen på Gulasch. Det var inte så vanligt där vi åt
 Maons passade på att chatta lite med Ground Hog
 Ganska mycket faktiskt
 Alife boysen hittar nya vägar. Har gjort lite glas nyligen
 Sjukt bra bild. Hör av er om ni vill veta vilken lins och kamera jag körde med
 Ok, här börjar man ändå se att Jossan har en SNS mössa på sig.. 
Marge simpson färgen…
Tack för maten. Det var smaskigt. Synd att dom inte hade öl på stället. 
Efterfest hos Kalle och Måns. Ett jävla tryck
Till slut fick man ta av sig skorna och gå och lägga sig
Inspirationen man får av att vakna här
Något slitna boys. Bra Ground Hog snack dock. 
Bra pris.
Den här var ju i alla fall i något slags silver. Klart värt pengarna
 Ah, papperskoppstemuggen
 Notera att detta är en helt annan mugg, på ett helt annat plan
 På hemresan fick jag mittensätet. Jag hade den här killen till vänster. Jag tror han gillar typ motorcyklar och kanske hockey. Kan varit på väg till Sverige för att inkassera en skuld eller något. Och ja, jag tog bilden i smyg utan att fråga. Living on the edge.
 På min högra sida hade jag den här killen. Jag tror han gillar öl. Enligt Jb så drack vi minst 20 stycken öl var. Det är helt klart en överdrift.

Väl hemma i Stockholm så gick det knappt en vecka innan Rachel och Jossan kom på besök. Det tyckte Charlotte var såhär roligt.

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