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So this will show how old I am. I am almost tired of hearing myself talk about the good old times – the times of Magic, Jordan, Bird, Pippen, Barkley and such. And looking at this Olympics ”Dream Team” brought out the grumpy old man in me. And then J-Bawls talked about the true Dream Team documentary the other day.

That tells my age perhaps even more. I saw the trailer for that documentary when it was released this summer. I then thought to myself that this is something I need to see. But, as a child of my era – I figured I had to wait until.. I don’t know.. until they showed it on Eurosport or something. But all of a sudden (or actually last week – about 3 months after I really, really, really wanted to see it…) it hit me – I could just try this Google thing I keep hearing about… Damn, you kids got it good…

And there it was. And apparently it has been there since June 16th. So this is no news to the youngsters out there. But for the b-ball peeps of my generation – you have got to watch this. I mean now. Watch it now. To see these multi billionaires go at it in Barcelona ’92. And to get access to John Stockton’s home video walking through the city of Barcelona. And to hear David Robinson talked about Michael Jordan’s energy. Man, this makes me sound like a NKOTB fan. And I guess that would be like sounding like a Justin Beiber fan to you youngsters. And somewhere around here I wanted to squeeze in a punch line about even our early-teenage-girl-idols were better then. Just watch it


Jordan-Olle sent this to me after Miami Heat lost to the Mavs this summer. Nuff said. Sit down and be quiet

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