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I realize that posting here once every second month is not really getting me more followers. But, as you might have guessed from the amount of text in my posts, I am not doing this to get more followers…

And yes yes yes, I know I’ve promised you pics and backtracks and what not. But here is the deal: it is time for Berlin tomorrow. And you know what that means. So there is no way I will be able to catch up on 3 months missed posts. I will do some eventually, because I have some really funny pics I want to share.

But right now I have something more important to tell you. As you might have noticed – the WeSC stocks has gone through the roof (not really but still) and is up 25% past week. And going back one week, that is exactly when rumors about a certain collaborative party in Berlin on Thursday the 5th started to afloat.

Co-incidence? I think not…

I any case – I know you all have a busy schedule in Berlin – but you know you usually end up at the WeSC party anyway so… here is yet another reason.

More information to follow shortly (and by information I mean that the public has requested me and Capitan Jonas Wiehager to entertain in the VIP-room with music and cheers (and by public demand I mean myself – I actually asked to do it (it will be fun and it might help me not to drink way too much))).

So – come on down ya’ll

So – what are you doning on thursday?

If you would have opened Saturday’s Göteborgsposten you would have found an article about Frctn store. I met that Carl dude at the WeSC 10 yrs dinner a few years ago. He had just started Streetfashion. He said something about it being a passion and a hobby. His real work was something about äppelpaj. There was beer at that party so I am not sure if I got it all right (feel free to correct me here Carl). Since then we have hooked up randomly whenever we go to Gothenburg.

That Ante fella has been here for a while. Among other things he is pushing Diamond Supply here in Sweden. He moved down to GBG for a couple of years ago and hooked up with Carl to open Frctn store. I think it is short for Fraction store. But I like to call it Freaking store.

I like when people follow their passion. Usually good things comes out when people do. So next time you are in GBG, make sure to visit these guys.

And I must say that I do like that grey and black New Era x SNS hat that Ante is wearing.

That good looking SNS x New Era Hat

Ante in that SNS hat

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