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It is almost 15 years ago now. Myself and Peter started Sneakersnstuff. Over the years we have had much love, and of course some haters. Yesterday Russ Bengtson of Complex Magazine posted a list of the best Sneaker Boutiques in the world right now. Just to be on that list, and in that crowd would be humbling enough. And Russ put Sneakersnstuff as number 1. Now, as a 16-year old kid from Gubbängen pointed out on my Instagram yesterday – Complex has lots of lists, and sometimes you might not agree to all that is written. And that is fine, every kid (and grown-up) is in title to their own opinion.

But to me, to have Complex Magazine, and Russ Bengtson telling us and the rest of the world that he actually thinks we are doing the best job in the business right now – that means the world to me. So – as much respect as I have  to everybody on that list – and also to all the stores that did not make Russ’s cut but who might as well be on that list too – I will take this moment to soak this in. Number #1. That calls for celebration. Thank you very much!

See the complete list here



But is it really the 40th birthday of Nike Cortez? To find out, we have to go back in Nike history to the late 60’s. Most of you might know that before Nike, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight worked with Onitsuka Tiger, today also known as Asics. Bill Bowerman was a running coach at the University of Oregon with a lot of ideas. Phil Knight was a middle distance runner who studied journalism at the University of Oregon. And that is where the two founder of Nike met.

After graduating Phil Knight joined the Army where he was active for one year before starting to study economics at Stanford. This is where the Nike saga begins. Inspired by Bill Bowermans quest to improve the shoes for the athletes he coached – Phil wrote an essay entitled ””Can Japanese Sports Shoes Do to German Sports Shoes What Japanese Cameras Did to German Cameras?” and that pretty much says it all. Adidas was pretty dominant at that time, and Puma was the runner up. Even in the US. So, in 1962 he went to Japan where he saw the Tiger shoes. As everything made in Japan, these shoes were of top quality. And they did not cost a fortune either. In a very American way, he called the owner, Mr.. Onitsuka who agreed to meet with Phil. Phil told some made up story that he was an importer/exporter from US, and wanted to distribute the Tiger shoes there.

Somehow he convinced Mr. Onitsuka to give him exclusive rights to the west of USA. When asked what his company was called, Phil was caught a bit of guard. He didn’t have a company yet, but had to make something up. Allegedly Phil said Blue Ribbon Sports, since his favorite beer was Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. True or not, I like that part of the story so I am sticking to it.

Phil ordered samples, and went home. It took over a year to receive the first samples. I don’t know about you, but I would have given up after a few months. When Phil got the samples he mailed some of them to his old track and field coach Bill Bowerman who called back, not only with feedback – but he wanted to join Phil. Bill already had a bunch of ideas on how to improve sportshoes… And so it begun. Blue Ribbon Sports started to import shoes, and also to help Tiger with developing.

1968 Tiger launched the Bill Bowerman designed Corsair. It featured a full length foam cushioning, and a light weight leather upper. The outsole had a herringbone pattern. It was, compared to what could be found from the German giant adidas, a footwear revolution.

In the early days of the 70s BRS and Tiger Company parted ways. As Bill Bowerman was the designer of the Corsair, they agreed on slitting the rights to that shoe but not the name. So when Nike released it in 1972 they named it Nike Cortez. Today, Nike Cortez is a classic and has sold way more pairs than its origin Onitsuka Tiger Corsair which is still in production. And since the shoe was renamed, and also had the famous Swoosh added in 1972, I would say it is wrong to celebrate its 40th birthday this year.

Happy Birthday Nike Cortez

And by the way. If you haven’t checked out Gary‘s work on the complete guide to Seinfeld’s sneakers, you need to do that right now.

As you may or may not have read on Sneaker Freaker Germany, Adidas will bring back the adidas Munchen this year. In a big way! Not only will you be able to line up for these Made in Germany Adidas Munchen when they are released through adidas consortium in very limited numbers in February.

As the Adidas Consortium Tabula Rasa Pack – these Made in Germany Adidas Munchen will be produced in only 500 pairs. And they will be made in the old adidas factory in Scheinfeld where me, Peter, Johan and Charlotte all went to visit last summer. And Otto and the crew went all out this time, even bringing back an 1 to 1 version of the original Adidas Munchen box.

Final release date is not yet decided, but keep your eyes open in february. Price is set to 229 euros/2299 sek (or 183 euros if you are ordering them from outside of the EU).

We went to see Converse Fall 2012 this morning. I was happy I had wrote the right day and time this time around. I like our Converse meetings. They are very uncomplicated. As is the inline collection. Spring 2012 did not give us many surprises, and neither did Fall 2012. Some nice improvements in the quality of the leathers. And some nice colors in the classic Converse All Star. The Converse Skate line looked good, and if you liked Converse Marimekko for fall 2011, but felt that they were a bit too crazy for you? Then you will like the more ”easy-to-wear” Marimekko All Star’s for fall 2012.

And by the way – we have the Converse All Star Hi Stars & Bars in stock right now. Get them while you can.

We went to see Adidas for fall 2012 today. As I had written the 11th instead of the 16th in the calendar I was happy to see that Putte and Kalle could see us at all. As usual we are not allowed to show you guys to many product pictures yet, but they did give me clearance to show you this. Just a few sneak peaks of Fall 2012. Among some of the highlights are adidas Superstar 80’s, adidas Campus 80’s, and the adidas Pro Shell. Also, the adidas clothes looks very good for fall 2012.

If you suddenly feel that itch for getting new adidas originals, you could either check out all our adidas on sale – or just browse through all the adidas originals that we have in stock right now.

Ok, I’ll say it. I am not your average Vans dude. But I do like Carhartt. And I love getting nice sneakers! You would be surprised to know that does happen to often. Not trying to sound ungrateful or anything, but just saying. Some people think that since I work with sneakers I get sneakers for free…

But sometimes I do get sneakers for free. And that makes my day/week/month. I got these from Carhartt a while back, and even though I am yet to wear them, I still have to admit that they are really nice. Thank you Carhartt

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