Arkiv för månad: december, 2011

So, how was your Christmas? Or as we say in Sweden – Good Continuation – or something like that. We had a calm and nice Christmas where we for the first time spent it together at home. We of course tricked Charlie to believe in Santa, and now we cannot serve porridge without getting the one word question ”presents?”. But on the other hand, what did Charlie get from Santa? Chickepox. I’ll give you another Swedish expression to describe what that experience has been like: No dance on roses.

But I hear it is better to catch it while you are young. So if you really feel like staying home for a couple of weeks feel free to stop by with your kids…

We started back in 1999. We were online 1999. We have been shipping orders worldwide since 1999. We still get questions like: ”are you guys legit?”

Now, if I had my doubts about someone or something being legit or not, I would not ask them. If they are not legit they would probably answer that they are legit anyway. But, for the record. We are legit. We are even 2 legit 2 quit

Ok, I’ll say it. I am not your average Vans dude. But I do like Carhartt. And I love getting nice sneakers! You would be surprised to know that does happen to often. Not trying to sound ungrateful or anything, but just saying. Some people think that since I work with sneakers I get sneakers for free…

But sometimes I do get sneakers for free. And that makes my day/week/month. I got these from Carhartt a while back, and even though I am yet to wear them, I still have to admit that they are really nice. Thank you Carhartt

Jordan-Olle sent this to me after Miami Heat lost to the Mavs this summer. Nuff said. Sit down and be quiet

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