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Back from Las Vegas and New York, I just had time for my birthday and hang out with my wife and kids for a bit, and then back on the road. Or plane…
Nike Sportswear has a few collections under their umbrella, but perhaps the most exciting one right now is the Nike x Undercover line. The Nike x Undercover line, also known as the Nike Gyakusou Line is running clothes designed by Jun Takahashi and his Undercover team, and it has that perfect balance of extremely detailed, yet very clean. And that was the main reason for us to come to Paris for 2 days.

On top of that Nike also showed their Nike Pinnacle line, and some nice Nike Quickstrikes, and Nike TierZero styles. In case you are not as snowed in on this as I might be, I will give you a quick explanation of these terms.

Nike Pinnacle – almost what it sounds like. This has been the home for some top of the line clothing from Nike. You will usually find really well designed and underrated pieces of clothing in that range. With details as waterproof cotton, hidden zippers and so on. From what I hear, 2012 will be the last year for Nike Pinnacle. But you never know with these things.

Nike Quickstrike – if you like what you see and it says Nike Quickstrike – it means you have to strike quick. It also means that the productions is limited. For us it means a range of shoes that are outside the ordinary range that we buy into 4 times a year. Nike Quickstrikes are spread out over the year and have one drop every other (or sometimes every) week on Fridays (and some occasional Wednesday). I think there are about 5-10 Nike Quickstrike accounts within Sweden, but don’t quote me on that. But I know for a fact that Sneakersnstuff has been a Nike Quickstrike account since the release of the Edge pack with the Nike Air Force II, Nike Air Trainer 1 and the Nike Air Max 90. I think that was around 2002.

Nike TierZero – What we are gonna do right here is to go back. Back into time (hiphop voice) to 1999 when we opened Sneakersnstuff. At that time there was no Nike Sportswear. Just Nike. And the same guy that sold us running shoes was the same guy who sold us Nike Air Force 1 (What’s up Fryken). In fact, most of the styles we bought at that time were new styles. Not just retroed styles in new colorways. Some times I miss those days. Anyway – when the retro business started to blow up, Nike came up with the idea to tier all their accounts into different levels. Tier 1 was top level and stores on that level could get access to everything. Tier 2 was a bit more average stores, and they could not get access to all products. And so on. This was to segment the market to keep the interest in the brand as they grew rapidly. It would be hard to keep the attention from all the trendsetters if all, let’s say, price focused stores were able to buy all the coolest stuff. That could make even the coolest sneaker uncool.
Well – as the business grew, Nike had to keep pushing the boundaries of cool. And now they had a problem, since they already had some decent stores in Tier 1. But to top it of with even more limited runs of sneakers – they created Nike Tier Zero. So, at stores with Tier Zero account is where you can find even more limited stuff.
So far so good. But today this has all evolved a bit. Even though Nike Tier Zero still only has one door (yes, Sneakersnstuff are very proud to be Sweden’s only Nike Tier Zero account), Nike has lately added TierZero+(that really should be named TierZero- since it’s one level down from Tier Zero) and some other variations to the Nike TierZero world. So if you ask me what the rules are today, I don’t think anyone really knows anymore. Still – it is under Nike TierZero you will find some of the more hard to get styles.

And there you have it. A back dated update of my life. This updates brings you up to date to March 1st. Don’t be surprised if my next post will quickly sum up April and May to just get back to now. Because I am not really feeling this back-tracking thing…

And oh yeah – most of the time we go to Paris, we see the brothers from Tres Bien Shop. Not sure why, because most of the brands they deal with are Japanese. They should change their name to とても良いお店. Still, I like those guys. And they have a very good selection of brouges and such.

I’ll try to make a long story short here. For the past few years Vans has been sold through an agency in Sweden. They have been based in Gothenburg and as far as I know they have never been to any store in Stockholm. Not that the fact that they never visited anyone has anything to do with this, but to me it’s just weird to sell and represent a brand in a country and never even visit your biggest accounts.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons why the are no longer the agents for Vans in Sweden. Vans will now be sold directly from Vans and that can only mean good things. For us anyway. But there was a glitch in the set-up and the agents contract ended 2011, but the new sales organization will not be all set up for Sweden until end of March 2012. And the deadline to place your orders in order to get your stuff in time for Fall 2012 is… well, it was pretty much today. So, Vans were kind enough to invite us to their showroom in London to show us the line there. And I like London so I don’t mind going there – even though I already have a lot of travels scheduled for February.

Me and Peter took off around 7 in the morning and hit the Vans showroom in Hammersmith (Stockholm reference: Haninge Centrum) around 9 uk time. A quick chat and then browsing through the different collections; Vans California, Vans Classics and Vans OTW. They also do the Surf and Turf stuff, but we are not really that kind of store so they didn’t even bother showing it. Good call. We also looked at the Vans Vault collection where some styles looked really nice, although priced way to high and some designs are more unwearable experiments than anything else.

I like Vans, and thank you for your hospitality Andy and Kevin. It is still vulcanized shoes and that’s like driving around in T-Fords, but nice people and some good looking stuff makes my day.

Vans had us booked at K-West hotel. A pretty nice hotel. But it was close to that Haninge Centrum area, so we had to subway ourselves for while to get to central London. Not too bad though. English people obviously don’t do lunch. They do sandwich and crisps… Crisps?!? And around 4 pm they go straight to the Pub for beer and more crisps. I’m not sure how they survive. Me and Peter hit Tottenham Court Road around 3.30 and went straight to Bodean’s, a place Andy had mentioned. And I am a sucker for slow cooked meat so this was the perfect spot. Pulled pork and burnt ends is what I am all about.

Lot’s of meat later we were standing outside Footpatrol where Michael La MJC was hosting a book signing of the All Gone 2011 book. Yes, the same as we did in Sneakersnstuff last week (check the Sneakersnstuff blog for pictures). As we were among the first on the scene we figured we’d check out Liberty for a while first. I like to walk around in there and look at the shirts, even though they all remind me that I need to loose weight. Maybe that is why I like to walk around there. Because I need to let go of a few kilos and that is my brains way of sub-consciously remind myself of that. If only this damn snow would go away. As my wife says – fit people run in bad weather and enjoy good weather. Unfit people (hello) only run when the weather is perfect. There I go loosing track again. I am like a less funny Eddie Izzard, but without boobs. Or just not as big.. #chipstutte. He is very good at sidetracking. But I think he does it intentionally. I don’t… I just tend to write long blogposts. But I think I will keep that up, I figure most of you don’t even read the damn thing anyway. You just look at the pictures. I could write pretty much anything here. Aeogna lliena inlknglk inlkne haenk. Ase.

Back at Footpatrol a few friendly faces had popped in. Gary and Mubi from CT were there. And Marc from Le Coq Sportif and a few more people. Other than that I would say that it was pretty much the same routine as home. Free Red Stripe’s and hiphop music. After all the All Gone books were All Gone (had to be said) Michael wanted to go to Nandos. Apparently it reminded him of the ”Old” London when you used to go to 40 degrees and To be confirmed (trade shows). Well, I like the new London better. And I am not likely to ever eat at Nandos again. I mean, it wasn’t that bad – but of all the great places to eat in London… At least the company was good. Among other things I learned that Jimmy the hitman is now also know as Jimmy the granddad. Allegedly one of the youngest granddads in the UK. And I had him pinned down as 25 something.

A few chickens later me and Peter called Addison Lee to pick us up. Good chap that Lee fellow. Comes very well recommended as well.

Today has been more of a ”catch-up” day. Sending out FAll 2012 orders for Supra, New Black, Karhu and Vans. A trip to central London for that mandatory lunch at Busaba Eathai (still good food), checking out Nike Town (the palace of love and hate), picking up toys for my kids (cars). For some reason I skipped macaroons this time.. starting to regret that now though. And then pack ourselves in like sardines on to the tube to go to Paddington and the Heathrow express. I like Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Picked up some make-up for my wife and coffee and cookie (kaffe och kaka) from Starbuck (when in Rome). All of a sudden we are late, and had to hurry to the gate. Of course the plane would be 45 minutes late anyway so… And that was that. 36 hours later and safe at home. Next trip on Sunday. Las Vegas and New York. Who’s jealous? I am not gonna lie. I am really looking forward to that. I will of course miss my family (not looking forward to being gone from my kids for over one week). But the Las Vegas trips are usually legendary. So stay tuned…

Not sure when was the last time I got up at noon. It is not that common these days. Me and Johan shared room – I told you this right? If not, I have a really good video of Johan if anyone would like to see it. He won’t allow me to post it, but if you ask me when you see me and promise not to tell Johan, I’ll show you. Codeword is ”I can see clearly now”. Another tradition we have is to eat lunch at Monsieur Vuong. Usually on the Friday, when everybody is a bit hung over. What is weird is that Johan is always the most hung over of us. And he doesn’t even drink.

We had a scheduled appointment with Norse Projects at the Capsule tradeshow at 14.00. Norse Projects is a bit new to us. I mean, Norse is not new to us – but Sneakersnstuff has not carried Norse Projects before. But we just got the spring delivery through the door – so you can now find all the good looking stuff from Norse Project at Sneakersnstuff. But we browsed through the Fall 2012 and that all looked very good. The mandatory Heather Orange Knitted Sweater was there of course. You cannot call yourself fashion if you don’t have that in your line for fall 2012. Heather Orange Knitted Sweaters is the new rolled up red knitted hat. Or it will be. Don’t try it now, it will be too soon and people will laugh at you. You can buy it now and start using it from July.

Not sure why I didn’t take any pics of the Norse collection. I think it might because they are Danish and that I don’t know them that well. I am not trying to offend any possible Danish reader – but let’s just say that the business ethics is a bit different between Sweden and Denmark… Just saying…

But after checking out Norse, we walked over to Wood Wood. And those guys I know and they have always been very friendly, ever since they got to do that Adidas collaboration before us back in the day. And to give credit when credit is due – their business ethics has been flawless so far. Laust was a bit bummed out since he had to pack down the men’s collection and ship it to Paris. So we re-scheduled our appointment and will hook up in Stockholm instead.

As for Capsule it is by far the best tradeshow in Berlin. Next time I am not sure if I will even go to Bread&Butter. And if Denim Demon play their cards right I will not even go to Seek. And I was very tired that Friday, so I’m guessing it was even better.

So – that concludes my reports from BBB Spring 2012. After Capsule we went back to our hotel for the traditional Pizza before heading to the airport. Ran into Michael Mohn and he had been at the hospital for a few days since a dog had eaten his nose. Did not sound funny at all. Hope you are feeling better Micke.

You know you’ve got older when you are hung over for two days.

Ok, on to that rowdy evening of January the 19th. It all started calm enough. We hooked up with the Carhartt and Pointer people of Scandinavia in the hotel lobby. The Toft brothers Ed and Brian of Hanon were there as well. And Sundance and Sjöbusen from Footish. Since I didn’t want to walk anywhere in the rain we got a few cabs to take us to the Pointer Dinner @ Soho House Berlin… About 500 meters from our hotel… And after wandering around in the lobby for a while, they directed us to the dinner room on 2nd floor. John from Footpatrol and another bloke from Size? were there already – as were a few other known and unknown faces.

For those of you who don’t know we have a traditional burger dinner at The Bird every BBB. Well, I make it sound like it is our dinner – but it is really Pontus and Happy Rabbit’s dinner. This year we were invited to the Pointer dinner a few weeks before Pontus invited us – for that same day… I am still bummed that we missed that Bird dinner.

But, no shadow shall fall on the Pointer dinner. Food was grade A – and company was… well… I was sitting next to Brian all evening. And when he have had a few beers, I can’t understand a Scottish word he’s saying. No – I’m just kidding Brian – It was a treat to sit next to you, and thank you for laughing at my jokes. I’ll see you and Ed in Vegas. We will eat nothing but Nobu – I know you love that place.

Another thing about the Pointer dinner. The waitress was really good at topping up my glass. Gave me a good foundation for the evening. When dinner was done – or, maybe even a little while before the dinner was done we headed out. Options were: The Bird for 2nd dinner, Adidas Originals Party or the WeSC party. The WeSC party is usually where everyone end up. And it is usually the rowdiest party. Last summer I ended up walking home, drunk as a skunk in pouring rain…. not a sober decision.

Anyways, it turned out everybody left The Bird to go to the Adi party. But, time was running out so we took a cab to the WeSC party instead and figured that the people we knew at the adidas party would come to the WeSC party anyway. And if you were Swedish, the WeSC party was the place to go to. Most, if not all people were there. Lots of friends, expected and unexpected. Most unexpected to me must have been Aziz. And most expected… I don’t know – except for WeSC people – Jonas perhaps?

Well – and so it begun. Or kept on rather. Beer after beer, drink after drink. Before you know it, you are standing on the floor with your t-shirt tied up to show your belly (and thank you to all of you who has sent me pictures of this to remind me). One pocket inside out. Flipping the bird to Johan’s camera. Dancing butt-cheek to butt-cheek with David. Telling Greger that I say Wäsk and not Ui Ess See about 15 times (he still didn’t promise me any trip to LA or anything this time… might have to hook up with him later on to squeeze some kind of undeliverable promise out of him), and oh yeah – I even think I gave Johnnyballe a lap dance and some girl from the Shelta crew gave me a wedge. It was like a anti-alcohol commercial.

In my own defense I would say that I wasn’t really that drunk – I was just trying to uplift the spirit of the party. And I think I did a good job in that area. However, judging by the pics below I might have been a bit drunk after all.

As I am falling a bit behind schedule on my posts from Berlin, I wanted to make Day 2 as one post only. But looking at the pictures, and thinking back on all the fun moments on Day 2 – I have to split it up. So, welcome to the 19th of January.

It is Thursday today. Last night we went to the Vans OTW party (among other things) but did not go crazy, so we are feeling pretty good. Weather is more like expected as well. That sunlight yesterday threw me off. Last summers adidas Consortium breakfast offered weird sausages and other strange things, so in the spirit of better safe than sorry, we (well, some of us) enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel.
It is amazing how many run down buildings that would make really nice apartments that is just laying about in Berlin. The adidas Consortium Breakfast was in one of those buildings. And this year they certainly stepped up their breakfast. And since I already had breakfast at the hotel I just went for Chocolate cake. As usual, this was no health trip. As for the actual products – it looked good. Remember the adidas Consortium Tabula Rasa project with the all white styles that dropped in November? It is now time to fill those white canvases. And no, I am not talking about adicolor. The drops are scheduled for May and June.

So – on to Seek. They had moved. Just 100 meters, but still… This tradeshow was one step up from Bread&Butter. Actually it was a few steps up. But, most brands in there all looked the same. And speaking of Same (what’s up Gothenburg) Denim Demon had their booth at Seek. Of course we stopped by and had some dried reindeer hart, and a snaps. Some of the Denim Demon spring collection just got delivered, and the fall 2012 collection looked really good. New labeling and stuff as well. Labeling and hang tags are very important – in a time of ”everything-looks-the-same” details like that will make the difference (do you hear me Aaron). And speaking of everything-looks-the-same… I circled around the two floors of Seek. And I am sure there were good brands there. But they all sort of looked the same. And no brand gave me a reason to even enter their booth.

The lack of excitement was obvious. So, we decided to go for lunch with Josefin and Otto from adidas in Mitte instead. We had a secret project to talk about, so it was business and pleasure mixed together as usual. Quick pitstop back at the hotel, and then a sit down with Supra. Yes, I know you know I am not a skate dude. But last summers BBB, Supra was about the only brand that inspired me. So, I was happy to be back up there to talk about the fruit of that inspiration. Besides, they had a really good dessert. Supra crew were as nice as always, and we had more secret-project-talks, so all was good. After Supra we walked back to the hotel. We had the impossible task of being at two dinners at the same time ahead of us. And of course that evening got a bit out of hand… Stay tuned for Day 2 Pt. 2 soon.

Time flies – It’s been a week since Day 3, and I am only on Day 1… Stupid brands and their stupid order deadlines keeping me from doing really important things like blogging (should be read with a Homer Simpson voice).

I will sum up day 1 real quick. You saw the plane ride, the mitte breakfast, the room with a view, the crap at BBB, the good people that I like to hang out with at BBB and some products. On to that evening. I mentioned Ben and his Holden. And the collaboration they are doing with Stüssy. That stuff looked good, and you will most likely find that at sneakersnstuff this fall. They had their launch in the Highsnobiety headquarters (and we say hajsnåbajity ok?) – a pretty cool spot for pretty cool dudes (and dudetts I guess).

But no peace for the wicked – we had to go to the Wood Wood fashion show. As I like to call myself a worldclass photographer when it comes to the runway, I wanted to be there in time. We were of course late, but not too late. We (as in I) are almost always late, but very rarely too late. As required I had front row seats. Well, I didn’t really require that but Wood Wood people are nice people. And they served good drinks, hence the blurry pictures… For those of you who follows this, I must say that this collection looked much better than the previous ones.

After the WW show we moved on to our hotel. Time is of essence so we figured we should just catch a quick pizza and then go to the Holden party. But Carhartt and Pointer Johan’s (aka CP Johan) Norwegian colleague Erik really wanted to go to a true-to-the bone Italian Pizza. Apparently a Pizza costs about 30-40 euros in Norway, so when in Berlin… At this point it had started to rain, but CP Erik (god bless his hart) firmly and steadily led the way to little Italy. I admit that I was a bit cranky before we got there. My Nike ACG down jacket was not really ACG, more SCG – some conditions gear. Rain was not part of what it was made for.

But Erik – if you read this. Don’t take it personal. I sometimes get cranky when I don’t get food in time and have to ”gå på tur” in the rain. And I’ll be the first one to say it: that pizza was really good. And actually totally worth it.

But just to make sure we took a cab from there. Quick stop at the Holden party – where Ben called me a little bitch for leaving him there when we moved on to the Vans party. Sorry about that Ben, it was crowded and people where smoking indoors. That is another condition my Nike All Conditions Gear Jacket can’t stand for. Smoking. And I am right behind my jacket on that one. Smoking…. what’s wrong with just drinking?

We brought the Hanon brothers with us to Vans, and also ran in to the Footish boys on the way there. From what we heard the venue took about 700 people, and Vans had given away 1700 tickets. With those numbers in mind the Toft brothers called it a day – but we got lucky. Or not really, we had the greatest hook up (cheers Jeremy) who let us in the back door (I know what you want to say here Johnny Balle). Mos Def was on stage, and Lupe Fiasco. And I think all the 700 people all tried to fit into a room for 150 peoples. So I never even bothered to try to squeeze in. Luckily Jeremy gave us access to some sort of an VIP room where you could serve your self drinks. Cheers again Jeremy. I also ran in to Per from Caliroots in there. Some of you might not know this, but Per and I (and Peter of course) all used to work at New Sports back in the day. And Per also used to work for us at Sneakersnstuff a few years back. So I was really happy to hear that he had become a dad just before Christmas. Congratulations again Per (and Linda) – kids are the true meaning of it all. And if I will remember anything from this trip a few years from now it will be Per’s excitement talking about it. I am indeed very happy for you!

So, Day 1 – Pt 2 will take us from Berlin Mitte to the Bread&Butter tradeshow. I think they have about 9 hallways. And you enter in the middle, and that is where you will find adidas originals. So far so good. But sometimes adidas feels a bit all over the place. To me it does not make sense to be showing classic retro styles like Superstar, Pro Shell and such in a plastic futuristic environment. But that’s just me I guess. But if any of you decision makers at adidas read this – next year, you can do what you do at Bread&Butter, but also show the more classic styles in a low key booth at Capsule or something. Just saying..

Anyways, as we had seen most of the adidas fall 2012 we did not really have much to do there. But it was nice to run in to Rachel and Josefin (what’s up girls!) and also glad, but a bit surprised to run into Ben Preuss in the adidas booth. He have moved on to Holden, and their stuff with Stussy looks really good. Don’t be suprised if you will find that at sneakersnstuff later on this year.

Besides that we had someone to hunt down the new Adi’s Archive line for Fall 2012 as they didn’t have any samples in the Sweden Showroom. Don’t think I’m allowed to show them yet, but adidas Milano and adidas Oregon looked really good. After that, the heat in the adidas booth was just too much so we had to leave. And I am talking about that ordinary heat. Not that american hiphop-lingo heat as in really nice stuff. Btw – Jeremy Scott is still crazy, but not as crazy as the price of some of those adidas originals x Jeremy Scott stuff they showed.

And after walking through 3 gigantic hallways filled to the roof with crap like Uggz, Crocs, Roland, Smiley and whatnot, we finally end up in the far end hallway. That one is better. I would say they have limit in that hallway to only about 40% crap. Here we said hello to New Balance who showed us some heat – as in the American hiphop-lingo meaning of the word. Nothing out of the ordinary, but made in UK 576 or made in USA 998 is really good. Not sure if I’m allowed to show you these pics either… but as you probably can find them online already I think I might just go ahead anyway.

After New Balance we strolled around the crap section and stopped by in some of the nicer brands booths. Finally ending up in the WeSC booth. Nice people in there as usual, but I was really looking for Greger. It is something of a routine to get him to promise you something that someone else can not deliver. And I also really wanted to tell him that I will always say wäsk, and not Vi S C. But I had a chance to tell him that in Day 2.

Puma served alcohol, so me and Charlie had a (and this a is very important here) sex on the beach. After that, some of the crap brands started to look way better. Quick stop for a 20 euro sibylla burger lunch and then say hi to Vans where we also hustled up some tickets to that evening’s party. Then walk through 3-4 more hallways with crap to end up in the far end of the old airport. As we were running out of time we only stopped by the Carhartt booth real quick to say hi to Johan. Carhartt showed some really nice stuff as well.

Wow – I just realized that this is far more text than even I bare to read…. sorry about that. I wanna say it won’t happen again, but I tend to do alot of rambling lately. So it will probably happen again. But I will leave you with this for now, and deliver Day 1 – Pt 3 tomorrow.





Wow… every time I go on these trips, I try to remind myself how intenced they can be. And every time I come home I am amazed over how intenced that trip was. So many people you know, all in one city – and you hook up with a lot of friends. And for me, just trying to be nice for 3 days in a row is very hard. Not really, but when you walk by one crap brand after another you sort of want to chew someones head of. And if you haven’t been there yet – be warned. The amount of crap all lined up at one place is mindblowing.

Some golden nuggets though. And as it takes a few days to get back on track, you will have to bare with me on the slow posting. Posting random funny pics is, believe it or not, not my actual job. But there will be some good stuff posted shortly. I am still debating with myself if I should post that picture of myself with my t-shirt tied up, showing my not-so-small-anymore belly… I think I might have been a bit drunk at that point. One part of me feel a bit embarressed over those pics. And one part don’t really care to much. And then there is the part that figures that a few peoples already have those pics somewhere – and stuff like that goes around… I might have to do some sort of a poll here to find out if you want to see that pic or not.

But now – without any further ado – day 1, pt 1.

Vi var ju  i Tyskland hos adidas för någon vecka sen. Det var roligt värre. Lite intensivt bara kanske. Tänkte försöka sammanfatta läget lite med bilder nedan.
Räkmacka på Arlanda, extra tomat. Klockan är ca 05.30… Ändå bra humör tycker jag.
JB spexar till det lite mer på planet
Klassisk röka-upp-pappersrosen-i-sömnen-smyg-bild
Johan hade nya Play skjortan på sig. Finns på TBS om ni vill ha
 JB spelar Yatzy på vägen. Fattar ni hur roligt vi har det?
Fattar inte att jag missade att ta en bild på den första tekoppen. Här är i alla fall den andra
 Man vet att man är i Tyskland när man kan ta en skitdålig smygbild på mustascher
 Ett flygbyte och en racertaxi senare så var vi framme i ett regnigt Herzo. 
 Är man chef så får man ha sin bil under tak på parkeringen. Annars… not so much
Här är en random bild inne från nya adidas kontoret ”laces”
På något sätt om man står på rätt ställe så ska alla dom här broarna se ut som skosnören typ… 
Ändå glad att vara framme
Meeting Abo!
Jossan mötte upp och briefade om middagsupplägget
Brand Archive. Dock inte ditflyttat ännu…
Vi (som i Kalle eftersom de inte tar pengar på fiket) köpte en Dilla donut till JB
 Schärfning. Bra fnissmin på mig själv måste jag ändå få säga
Gäller även i tyskland
Brand Center
”Tappa inte huvudet nu”
Skulle man kunna få den där ölen nu? Ska också inflikas att Peter gjorde lite hemmaexpriment med slattarna. Gick sådär..
 Bra skylt, dålig bild
 Svårt att få till tydligen
 Fortfarande inte helt nöjd.
 Så, that’s a keeper. Det var en jävla trafikskylt som reflekterade allt. 
 Gregor Samsa. Frågor?
 Tydligen ett jävligt ungt ställe vi skulle käka middag på
Synd att jag mest var sugen på Gulasch. Det var inte så vanligt där vi åt
 Maons passade på att chatta lite med Ground Hog
 Ganska mycket faktiskt
 Alife boysen hittar nya vägar. Har gjort lite glas nyligen
 Sjukt bra bild. Hör av er om ni vill veta vilken lins och kamera jag körde med
 Ok, här börjar man ändå se att Jossan har en SNS mössa på sig.. 
Marge simpson färgen…
Tack för maten. Det var smaskigt. Synd att dom inte hade öl på stället. 
Efterfest hos Kalle och Måns. Ett jävla tryck
Till slut fick man ta av sig skorna och gå och lägga sig
Inspirationen man får av att vakna här
Något slitna boys. Bra Ground Hog snack dock. 
Bra pris.
Den här var ju i alla fall i något slags silver. Klart värt pengarna
 Ah, papperskoppstemuggen
 Notera att detta är en helt annan mugg, på ett helt annat plan
 På hemresan fick jag mittensätet. Jag hade den här killen till vänster. Jag tror han gillar typ motorcyklar och kanske hockey. Kan varit på väg till Sverige för att inkassera en skuld eller något. Och ja, jag tog bilden i smyg utan att fråga. Living on the edge.
 På min högra sida hade jag den här killen. Jag tror han gillar öl. Enligt Jb så drack vi minst 20 stycken öl var. Det är helt klart en överdrift.

Väl hemma i Stockholm så gick det knappt en vecka innan Rachel och Jossan kom på besök. Det tyckte Charlotte var såhär roligt.

Det har jag glömt att berätta. Nike jobbar ju med Jun Takahachi som för ett år sen lanserades Nike X Undercover löparlinjen. Tanken från Fraser Cookes sida var att få in Jun Takahachi hos Nike på något sätt. Och eftersom Jun nyligen blivit ”born-again” runner så ville han göra en löparkollektion åt Nike.
Fördelen med att låta någon utifrån göra en helt egen kollektion är att den inte kommer att se likadan ut som resten av Nike’s löparprylar.

Den 16:e oktober så släpps den nya kollektionen för Fall 2011 (som ser sjukt bra ut) och Nike ville att vi skulle komma över till London för att kolla lite på den, och på Spring 2012 (som också ser sjukt bra ut).
Och det är ju roligt att åka till London. Tack för en bra resa Hinken. Jag hade roligt. Skönt att bröderna Vildsvin (danskjävlarna) inte kom. De är så stökiga.
Packar ner det jag behöver i nya SNS Luxe bag – Check!
För att det var det som gällde
För ett par år sen så gillade jag att gå till Selfridges för att handla. Nu kändes det som att jag var ett par år för gammal. Det var alldeles för mycket dunkadunka och starka färger där.. Tur för mig att jag kan hitta nästan samma saker + lite mer i källaren på Liberty
Lunchpaus. Tempurafisken inne i dessa rullar vann den tävlingen
Det tyckte Henke också. Han gillar tempura. Ganska ogöteborgskt av honom tycker jag.
Peter gillade dom också. Men jag tror att han gillade ölen lite mer.
Jag gillar macarons jävligt mycket. Vill ni göra mig glad – hooka på färska macarons. Sjukt gott
Från lunchen på Yauatcha var steget inte långt till det här stället. Det hade Johan gillat tror jag.
Vi gick mest förbi där av en slump. För vi hade fått i uppdrag att köpa Adidas x Footpatrol skor till Johan och Charlie. Dom hade också en Charlotte Hornets keps som jag ville köpa till Charlie, men Peter sa nej. I övrigt så såg Footpatrol precis så bra ut som man kan förvänta sig när en av världens största sportkedjor (Hej JD Sports och Pentland) köper upp en lite hipp butik och startar om den.
Sen gick vi på bio
Skoja bara. Sen gick vi och levererade senap.
Skoja bara. Sen gick vi och sydde upp kostymer.
Skoja bara igen (sista gången, jag lovar). Sen gick vi och hängde med Jeff Staples polare på en bar.
Har du leg?
Du är snygg, du får komma in
 Sen gick vi till hotellet för att vila lite. Vi hade ju gått upp klockan 5 på morgonen för att åka till London, så självklart så fick jag rummet två våningar ovanför dom här herrarna.
Och självklart så hade jag en tavla i taket.
Sen gick vi till Imami eller Imani eller Armani eller något liknande. Det var också asisatiskt. Nästa gång hoppas jag att vi får åka till Tokyo för att hänga med Jun lite. Anyways – det som utmärkte det här stället var att man fick beställa själv. Man fick allt projjat på sin tallrik – beställde. Kollade att kocken gjorde rätt, och fick in det på bordet. Och det var bra mat också. Väldigt gott.
Och dom hade macarons. Jag gillar ju macarons. Det är gott.
Jag gillar också Mojitos. Här ser ni en Mojito med bär i. Den var stor. Och god.
Ett par, tre mojitos senare så var det dags för frukost. Det är viktigt med frukt.
Och efter den asiatiska uppladdningen (plus en Pizza med Dr Wernhult och en trevlig skåning från Löplabbet) så fick vi leta upp 1948. För er som inte vet, så är det Nike’s hemliga butik där man visar upp sina grejer på ett coolare sätt än på Niketown. Jajaja, de har några andra saker också. Något italiensktillverkat måste man ju ha om man är en skitcool hemlig butik i London.
Snygg är den i alla fall. Btw – Jordan 5 är tydligen bra för rugby. Och Air Force 1. Och Sweet Lew (ett vulcat monster en bra bit ner i coolhetsstegen) är tydligen en riktigt bra löparsko, för den kan man köpa på Nike’s nya löparbutik vid Covent Garden.
De hade ett fint bibliotek med böcker. Självklart var jag och Peter med i böckerna.
Så här ser det ut utanför den fina hemliga butiken. Löplabbetkillen tyckte man kunde stänga butiken för att spara kostnader lite. Jag menade på att det säkert finns andra kostnader att dra ner på om man letar lite.
Men jag fattar hans poäng lite.
Det var ju inte så att det rusade förbi människor på den glamorösa gatan utanför.
Sen ville Henke ta tunnelbanan till flyget. Men där fick han tji. Det var ingen underground. Det var självklart overground.
Vä på flygplatserna så fick bara generaler boarda. Vi vanliga dödliga fick vänta eftersom vårat flyg var försenat. Vilket var tur för mig, för då hann jag glömma mitt pass och mitt boardingkort i säkerhetskontrollen.
Planet hade de parkerat ett par kilometer från gaten. Men de hade byggt en skitlång tunnel från gaten till planet, så det var lugnt. Här är vi halvvägs in.
Som sagt, det var en rolig resa tycker jag. Det är alltid roligt att resa. Ser fram emot nästa resa snart (hej alla mina leverantörer, vart ska vi åka?)
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