So Supersci dropped this very underrated and probably on of the most overlooked albums in 2010. Even looking to myself – I loved the Pinetrees on the Pavement album of 2006 – and still I slept on the release of  Timelines for some reason. I’ll blame it on the kids. Cute as my kids are, they do take up a fair amount of my time.

So, to my point – I am glad that Supersci released this video now. Just so I could be remembered to listen to that Timelines album again. And so should you. Right now. And check this video

Yes, it sounds a bit like this Apani tune that came out back in the days – but it is still nice. And it is still a valid topic. Time.

Speaking of time – I have a nice post of our trip to Paris with the Tres Bien brothers and Nike. I will post that as soon as I find the time to do it. Time…