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We went to see Converse Fall 2012 this morning. I was happy I had wrote the right day and time this time around. I like our Converse meetings. They are very uncomplicated. As is the inline collection. Spring 2012 did not give us many surprises, and neither did Fall 2012. Some nice improvements in the quality of the leathers. And some nice colors in the classic Converse All Star. The Converse Skate line looked good, and if you liked Converse Marimekko for fall 2011, but felt that they were a bit too crazy for you? Then you will like the more ”easy-to-wear” Marimekko All Star’s for fall 2012.

And by the way – we have the Converse All Star Hi Stars & Bars in stock right now. Get them while you can.

We went to see Adidas for fall 2012 today. As I had written the 11th instead of the 16th in the calendar I was happy to see that Putte and Kalle could see us at all. As usual we are not allowed to show you guys to many product pictures yet, but they did give me clearance to show you this. Just a few sneak peaks of Fall 2012. Among some of the highlights are adidas Superstar 80’s, adidas Campus 80’s, and the adidas Pro Shell. Also, the adidas clothes looks very good for fall 2012.

If you suddenly feel that itch for getting new adidas originals, you could either check out all our adidas on sale – or just browse through all the adidas originals that we have in stock right now.

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