So… that was a rather long break from blogging. I like how my last post was pt. 1. For any of you that just have been patiently waiting – I salute you. Those of you that never even noticed my absence – I salute you too. But… since I had the privilege to hang out with David C Wilson last weekend where he actually asked me why I haven’t updated my blog in forever, I figure I should step this up a bit. I mean, between David C Wilson and Danielle Krasse I now know I have two readers of this poor excuse of a blog.

And since the main reason for my blog absence is that I have been super duper busy lately – that means I have plenty of storytelling to share with you. Let’s start by doing this pt. 2 back track thingy.

For this New York trip I would like to thank Reebok for hooking us up with NHL tickets. And adidas for the NBA tickets. Also shout out (yes, very hiphop) to Mike Packer for also hooking us up with tickets.

If you for any reason feel that this report from our trip to Las Vegas and New York in febuary feels a bit late… you should follow me on Instagram – @sneakererik.