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Day 2 of the summer tradeshow trip. No rest for the wicked. Up early to a breakfast meeting with Vans to talk about secret projects. And as it is impossible to get a cab after 9 me and Peter decided to walk back to our hotel.

A few appointments this day, and with my bag lost and the deadline on Nike spring 2013 we had to split up after the visit to Seek. I had so much fun at Seek that I forgot to take pictures… Not really. But I will tell you that the Our Legacy collection looked decent. Shoes were alright, and there are some really nice pieces of fashion in their clothing line. You can expect to find Our Legacy at Sneakersnstuff any day now.

After that I took refuge to the hotel lobby with my laptop to nail down the Nike sp13 order. There are some true iconic classics within the Nike Air Max range (for example a super nice vintage Nike Air Max 90 Infrared) that will be back and the question was how to fit in a really huge order of those besides the rest of the collection that also looked nice. I think I managed ok. And oh yeah, the Air Jordan 5 Retro will be back for spring 13. In white/blk/fire red. However, Nike changed the rules of Jordan to not letting us order as many as we would want. Not even near as many. So it will be mayhem when we release them this spring.

Done and happy I walked in to the Supra showroom. I think they get my vote for best showroom this time as well. Nice food. Good coffee. Nice people. Shuttle service. What more could you ask for? I know I told you this before. I’m not a skater. But I am also not a hater, and Supra has some nice shoes out.

After Supra we rolled on to the Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals press event of whatever it was called. Met Umberto and Rachel and the rest of the Adi crew. I love my job. I get to hang out with fun people all the time. The Spring 13 collection is way better than the Fall 12 if you ask me. So much easier to wear. But the second delivery of Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals fall 12 is not shabby either.

And on to the Wesc x SNS x Vice party. Apparently the party was held in Goebbels old bunker. And apparently it was raining as hell when we started. But never the less. Me and Jonas was up for 2 hours on the decks. And we had a lot of fun. Smart man as I am, I left my phone in a puddle to charge it.. so it was dead for a good 4-5 hours… so no epic pics. But we had an epic time though. Thanks for putting us on WeSC. Let’s do it again soon. Perhaps in a sunnier and warmer place?

Day 3 was more of a sum up. We looked through the OC x Adi collection again to place the orders, and then dinner with Otto to talk more secrets. There was a lot of secret talks this trip. Had the privilege to hang out with our Sneakersnstuff Malmö store manager Tuan for the rest of the afternoon as we both was going to Copenhagen.

Back home it was time for vacation with the family. And the summer of rain and cold was well on it’s way.

Wow – what a pretentious sum up. Well, for what it’s worth I’ve managed to get David ”shitballs” ”nowhitesauce” Wilson to start instagram.

I realize that posting here once every second month is not really getting me more followers. But, as you might have guessed from the amount of text in my posts, I am not doing this to get more followers…

And yes yes yes, I know I’ve promised you pics and backtracks and what not. But here is the deal: it is time for Berlin tomorrow. And you know what that means. So there is no way I will be able to catch up on 3 months missed posts. I will do some eventually, because I have some really funny pics I want to share.

But right now I have something more important to tell you. As you might have noticed – the WeSC stocks has gone through the roof (not really but still) and is up 25% past week. And going back one week, that is exactly when rumors about a certain collaborative party in Berlin on Thursday the 5th started to afloat.

Co-incidence? I think not…

I any case – I know you all have a busy schedule in Berlin – but you know you usually end up at the WeSC party anyway so… here is yet another reason.

More information to follow shortly (and by information I mean that the public has requested me and Capitan Jonas Wiehager to entertain in the VIP-room with music and cheers (and by public demand I mean myself – I actually asked to do it (it will be fun and it might help me not to drink way too much))).

So – come on down ya’ll

So – what are you doning on thursday?

So Supersci dropped this very underrated and probably on of the most overlooked albums in 2010. Even looking to myself – I loved the Pinetrees on the Pavement album of 2006 – and still I slept on the release of  Timelines for some reason. I’ll blame it on the kids. Cute as my kids are, they do take up a fair amount of my time.

So, to my point – I am glad that Supersci released this video now. Just so I could be remembered to listen to that Timelines album again. And so should you. Right now. And check this video

Yes, it sounds a bit like this Apani tune that came out back in the days – but it is still nice. And it is still a valid topic. Time.

Speaking of time – I have a nice post of our trip to Paris with the Tres Bien brothers and Nike. I will post that as soon as I find the time to do it. Time…

Ok, I have to squeeze this in between my Berlin Bread&Butter story. But please stay tuned for Day 2 of that story shortly.

When D’angelo did that, now legendary, show at Cirkus the summer of 2000 – backed up by the Soultronics, with ?estlove on drums and all that…. I missed out. Why? To me D’angelo was that smooth and soft soul/rnb dude. He was very good, and I had bought both his records (yes kids, before MP3 they actually made records that you had to buy) Brown Sugar and Voodoo. And I also picked up that Angie Stone record. But, again – he was kind of a softy to me and I was not that keen on the idea of looking at a naked dude moving in slow motion for two hours on stage.

You live and learn I guess… I now know that Album D’angelo is nothing like live D’angelo. Ok, he is something like that, but still way, way more funky.

And as I never was at Cirkus (listen to that legendary show) I will not try to compare that to what went down on in Filadelfiakyrkan on the 26th of January. I had very low expectations on this show. My first guess was that he would cancel last minute. You know, on the way out of the country they discover that he cannot leave since he was arrested for something at some point. Or something like that. My second guess was that he would be like Alexander O’neal in Stockholm, who fell a sleep on a chair on stage leaving the audience listening to his albums from a CD, as it was playback anyways. To give Alexander O’neal some credit, I went to his show in Malmö and that was great. And I think the audience in Malmö wouldn’t even had noticed if he fell asleep there. In Malmö, Alexander O’neal is bigger than Tomas Ledin (national hero) – and everyone knows his songs.

But D’angelo did none of the above. He came out, after 11 years of not doing music – and BOOM! Rocked the house. Or church if you will. I had seats in the nosebleed section (but I was lucky to have seats at all). And walking in to the venue was like some sort of highschool reunion. Everyone I have known or known of since the 90’s was there. Or the other way around. Everyone that was there was someone I have known or known of since the 90’s. The show was supposed to start 19.30, but of course our kids didn’t want to go to bed, so me and Katty were late. But once we were there (around 20.00) we were met by concert arranger Harry Burns who was a bit stressed out and yelling ”two more minutes and we are closing the doors, so get to your fucking seats if you have tickets”.

Once in our seats, we had to wait for another 30 minutes. But I heard he was 2 hours late at Cirkus so… In any case, it was all beyond worth it. Turns out worldpress was there. Jill Scott and her husband had flew in just for the world premier of D’angelo’s comeback. And the Lauren Hill show two days earlier at that same venue was a total flop. So no wonder Harry was stressed out.

But wow. He came out and did his thing. And more. I know this is going out on a limb, but I would say he was James Brown, Al Green and Prince all rolled into one. And perhaps it was my low expectations – but I was blown away!

So, for the next generation (I am talking to you now J Bawls) – do not miss out next time D’angelo is in town. Trust me. Or ask anybody I’ve known since the 90’s.

My brother called me just before christmas. And he was all like ”dude, this D’angelo guy is really good”… To those of you who knows me, and who knows that me and my brother are not really into music in the same way, this is funny. Apparently he had heard Timbuktu playing D’angelo’s Chicken Grease on the radio and he was blown away.

Only a few weeks away now – the return of D’angelo – live @ Filadelfiakyrkan, Stockholm. Guessing it will not be as good as this one, but just to get a few hopes up:

D’angelo @Soultronics – Live @ Cirkus, Stockholm 8th of July 2000

We started back in 1999. We were online 1999. We have been shipping orders worldwide since 1999. We still get questions like: ”are you guys legit?”

Now, if I had my doubts about someone or something being legit or not, I would not ask them. If they are not legit they would probably answer that they are legit anyway. But, for the record. We are legit. We are even 2 legit 2 quit

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