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I started to write this yesterday. I wanted to sum up our history together. But after 4000 words, I felt that maybe I should save that story for another day. I sort of lost focus on why I started it. I started it because it’s your 40th birthday. And I wanted to try to explain to everybody who you are. I mean, as the person I know you for. I guess you could look at this as a speech on your birthday-party. But as I am not sure you are even having a birthday-party, I figured I’ll write it here.

He sold me a L-A Lakers cable knitted v-neck sweater. That was probably the first time I met Peter. To be honest, I’m not sure it was him, as this would be about 22 years ago. Back in 1990 or something. He was the store manager of a Fliesbergs shop that had opened in Sture Gallerian, and for some reason they had some NBA stuff that was hard to find anywhere else. And if you ask Peter about it, he will probably tell you why they had it. Because that’s Peter. He will tell you how it was. I still have the sweater to prove it, but I can’t say for sure that it actually was Peter who sold it to me, as I did not know at the time that it was Peter who had sold it to me. But he might have been the only one working in that store. And selling me a Lakers sweater when I was a Bulls fan… that fits the profile of Peter Jansson. He will make you create that need for something that you didn’t even know you needed.

First time I ever heard of Peter though, was when I was working at New Sports back in the days. I was known for my fanatic passion for sneakers, and perhaps in particular Nike. So, someone told me that there could only be one other person in Sweden that could match my unnecessary knowledge of Nike and sneakers. I found it hard to believe that some dude called Batman from Kungsängen would be that person. But already back then, Peter had gained a reputation for being a fanatic sneakerhead.

We later got to work together at New Sports on Hamngatan, but it was not until we traveled to Chicago together (as some sort of reward for putting up extra hours during the sale when New Sports closed down) that I really got to know Peter. And it was in the passion for sneakers we found each other. I can remember running to Nike Town the minute we hit the hotel, since we had about 1,5 hours to rest before catching up with the rest of the group we were traveling with. Peter was somewhat of a tourguide on this trip, and instructed everybody not to buy to much before we had paid a visit to the outlet mall. But within 24 hours Peter himself bought a Nautica winter jacket for somewhere around 700 us dollars. And a few pairs of sneakers of course. And that is Peter. He has a good brain that will tell you what is right. But he will always follow his heart. And in Chicago – his heart needed that Nautica jacket.

To tell you the truth, me and Peter never had that much in common. Besides the obvious of course – sneakers. And perhaps music. And we never really hung out that much. Not when we were working for New Sports and Fliesbergs. And not that much more when we started Sneakersnstuff together. To me it was natural to ask Peter to join me when I wanted to open up a website to sell sneakers. Just as natural as it was to open up the store before we had a website, when we found the space next to Peter’s buddy’s office on Åsögatan 136. Because everybody likes Peter. And no wonder. He is (almost) always happy. And if he’s not – he will not stay mad for longer than 10 minutes. Then he his back to happy again. That is probably one of the reasons that everybody likes Batman from Fliesbergs.

And today he turns 40. As I mentioned I am writing on a over detailed story about Peter – but figured that I’d save that for another day. I have known Peter for about 16 years. I have run a company with him since 1998. We have been all over the world together. We have had bad days, and good days together. And the future holds more of both. Hopefully and most likely more good than bad.

So, with all that said: Thank you Peter. Thank you for being you. Thank you for always following your heart and bringing positive energy where ever you go.

I am not sure I will see you today, but I got you a gift. I think you will like it. I had some great help from some people to get it. J-bawls is one of them, but the other two would like to remain anonymous in social media context. And there is a catch. You can’t show of your gift online…

Happy Birthday Peter

Love – always


Day 2 of the summer tradeshow trip. No rest for the wicked. Up early to a breakfast meeting with Vans to talk about secret projects. And as it is impossible to get a cab after 9 me and Peter decided to walk back to our hotel.

A few appointments this day, and with my bag lost and the deadline on Nike spring 2013 we had to split up after the visit to Seek. I had so much fun at Seek that I forgot to take pictures… Not really. But I will tell you that the Our Legacy collection looked decent. Shoes were alright, and there are some really nice pieces of fashion in their clothing line. You can expect to find Our Legacy at Sneakersnstuff any day now.

After that I took refuge to the hotel lobby with my laptop to nail down the Nike sp13 order. There are some true iconic classics within the Nike Air Max range (for example a super nice vintage Nike Air Max 90 Infrared) that will be back and the question was how to fit in a really huge order of those besides the rest of the collection that also looked nice. I think I managed ok. And oh yeah, the Air Jordan 5 Retro will be back for spring 13. In white/blk/fire red. However, Nike changed the rules of Jordan to not letting us order as many as we would want. Not even near as many. So it will be mayhem when we release them this spring.

Done and happy I walked in to the Supra showroom. I think they get my vote for best showroom this time as well. Nice food. Good coffee. Nice people. Shuttle service. What more could you ask for? I know I told you this before. I’m not a skater. But I am also not a hater, and Supra has some nice shoes out.

After Supra we rolled on to the Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals press event of whatever it was called. Met Umberto and Rachel and the rest of the Adi crew. I love my job. I get to hang out with fun people all the time. The Spring 13 collection is way better than the Fall 12 if you ask me. So much easier to wear. But the second delivery of Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals fall 12 is not shabby either.

And on to the Wesc x SNS x Vice party. Apparently the party was held in Goebbels old bunker. And apparently it was raining as hell when we started. But never the less. Me and Jonas was up for 2 hours on the decks. And we had a lot of fun. Smart man as I am, I left my phone in a puddle to charge it.. so it was dead for a good 4-5 hours… so no epic pics. But we had an epic time though. Thanks for putting us on WeSC. Let’s do it again soon. Perhaps in a sunnier and warmer place?

Day 3 was more of a sum up. We looked through the OC x Adi collection again to place the orders, and then dinner with Otto to talk more secrets. There was a lot of secret talks this trip. Had the privilege to hang out with our Sneakersnstuff Malmö store manager Tuan for the rest of the afternoon as we both was going to Copenhagen.

Back home it was time for vacation with the family. And the summer of rain and cold was well on it’s way.

Wow – what a pretentious sum up. Well, for what it’s worth I’ve managed to get David ”shitballs” ”nowhitesauce” Wilson to start instagram.

So here is the deal. I started to write on this report from Las Vegas on the way to Las Vegas. I thought I would have time to do updates here on a daily basis… but, oh was I mistaken. And now it has almost been a month since we got on that plane to Vegas for the Trade Shows…

So, I have started two or three really long posts for every day. But looking at them now, they feel a little bit old. It would have made sense to tell you everything day by day… but now I figured I will just share the photo’s with you instead. If you have a Iphone, you could also follow me on Instagram and you might have seen these pics about one month from now. And that is really important in this social networking era right. You have to know everything now. To learn about something one full month later is just not worth it..

So – if you do have any questions regarding our trip to Vegas (yes, I did gamble – and this time I actually won). feel free to hit me up below. I think one of the highlights must have been the conversation I had with Brian from Hanon about helmets and such. Or when Kevin showed me the price of the Champagne on the meny he had brought from some place. Or just hanging out with my long lost friend Rikard (pronounced Rick Hard… for real). Or waiting at Newark airport for 3.5 hours. No, that wasn’t that fun… but what I am trying to say here is that it is the company that makes these trips. So thanks for hanging out. I had fun. Now – pictures

I’ll try to make a long story short here. For the past few years Vans has been sold through an agency in Sweden. They have been based in Gothenburg and as far as I know they have never been to any store in Stockholm. Not that the fact that they never visited anyone has anything to do with this, but to me it’s just weird to sell and represent a brand in a country and never even visit your biggest accounts.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons why the are no longer the agents for Vans in Sweden. Vans will now be sold directly from Vans and that can only mean good things. For us anyway. But there was a glitch in the set-up and the agents contract ended 2011, but the new sales organization will not be all set up for Sweden until end of March 2012. And the deadline to place your orders in order to get your stuff in time for Fall 2012 is… well, it was pretty much today. So, Vans were kind enough to invite us to their showroom in London to show us the line there. And I like London so I don’t mind going there – even though I already have a lot of travels scheduled for February.

Me and Peter took off around 7 in the morning and hit the Vans showroom in Hammersmith (Stockholm reference: Haninge Centrum) around 9 uk time. A quick chat and then browsing through the different collections; Vans California, Vans Classics and Vans OTW. They also do the Surf and Turf stuff, but we are not really that kind of store so they didn’t even bother showing it. Good call. We also looked at the Vans Vault collection where some styles looked really nice, although priced way to high and some designs are more unwearable experiments than anything else.

I like Vans, and thank you for your hospitality Andy and Kevin. It is still vulcanized shoes and that’s like driving around in T-Fords, but nice people and some good looking stuff makes my day.

Vans had us booked at K-West hotel. A pretty nice hotel. But it was close to that Haninge Centrum area, so we had to subway ourselves for while to get to central London. Not too bad though. English people obviously don’t do lunch. They do sandwich and crisps… Crisps?!? And around 4 pm they go straight to the Pub for beer and more crisps. I’m not sure how they survive. Me and Peter hit Tottenham Court Road around 3.30 and went straight to Bodean’s, a place Andy had mentioned. And I am a sucker for slow cooked meat so this was the perfect spot. Pulled pork and burnt ends is what I am all about.

Lot’s of meat later we were standing outside Footpatrol where Michael La MJC was hosting a book signing of the All Gone 2011 book. Yes, the same as we did in Sneakersnstuff last week (check the Sneakersnstuff blog for pictures). As we were among the first on the scene we figured we’d check out Liberty for a while first. I like to walk around in there and look at the shirts, even though they all remind me that I need to loose weight. Maybe that is why I like to walk around there. Because I need to let go of a few kilos and that is my brains way of sub-consciously remind myself of that. If only this damn snow would go away. As my wife says – fit people run in bad weather and enjoy good weather. Unfit people (hello) only run when the weather is perfect. There I go loosing track again. I am like a less funny Eddie Izzard, but without boobs. Or just not as big.. #chipstutte. He is very good at sidetracking. But I think he does it intentionally. I don’t… I just tend to write long blogposts. But I think I will keep that up, I figure most of you don’t even read the damn thing anyway. You just look at the pictures. I could write pretty much anything here. Aeogna lliena inlknglk inlkne haenk. Ase.

Back at Footpatrol a few friendly faces had popped in. Gary and Mubi from CT were there. And Marc from Le Coq Sportif and a few more people. Other than that I would say that it was pretty much the same routine as home. Free Red Stripe’s and hiphop music. After all the All Gone books were All Gone (had to be said) Michael wanted to go to Nandos. Apparently it reminded him of the ”Old” London when you used to go to 40 degrees and To be confirmed (trade shows). Well, I like the new London better. And I am not likely to ever eat at Nandos again. I mean, it wasn’t that bad – but of all the great places to eat in London… At least the company was good. Among other things I learned that Jimmy the hitman is now also know as Jimmy the granddad. Allegedly one of the youngest granddads in the UK. And I had him pinned down as 25 something.

A few chickens later me and Peter called Addison Lee to pick us up. Good chap that Lee fellow. Comes very well recommended as well.

Today has been more of a ”catch-up” day. Sending out FAll 2012 orders for Supra, New Black, Karhu and Vans. A trip to central London for that mandatory lunch at Busaba Eathai (still good food), checking out Nike Town (the palace of love and hate), picking up toys for my kids (cars). For some reason I skipped macaroons this time.. starting to regret that now though. And then pack ourselves in like sardines on to the tube to go to Paddington and the Heathrow express. I like Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Picked up some make-up for my wife and coffee and cookie (kaffe och kaka) from Starbuck (when in Rome). All of a sudden we are late, and had to hurry to the gate. Of course the plane would be 45 minutes late anyway so… And that was that. 36 hours later and safe at home. Next trip on Sunday. Las Vegas and New York. Who’s jealous? I am not gonna lie. I am really looking forward to that. I will of course miss my family (not looking forward to being gone from my kids for over one week). But the Las Vegas trips are usually legendary. So stay tuned…

So, how was your Christmas? Or as we say in Sweden – Good Continuation – or something like that. We had a calm and nice Christmas where we for the first time spent it together at home. We of course tricked Charlie to believe in Santa, and now we cannot serve porridge without getting the one word question ”presents?”. But on the other hand, what did Charlie get from Santa? Chickepox. I’ll give you another Swedish expression to describe what that experience has been like: No dance on roses.

But I hear it is better to catch it while you are young. So if you really feel like staying home for a couple of weeks feel free to stop by with your kids…

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